Membership in the Surveillance in the Majority World Research Network is free and open to everyone interested in surveillance issues in the Majority world.
We have two membership schemes:

Regular members

can easily sign up to join a thriving network of intellectuals, scholars, researchers, activists, and artists working on surveillance issues in the Majority world.

Voting members

must have at least two pieces of research, art, journalism, or three years of experience related to the issues of surveillance in the Majority World. These preconditions are necessary because voting members can participate in electing the network’s board members.

Only voting members with a PhD or more than five years of experience in activism/research/arts can be nominated for Surveillance in the Majority World Research Network’s board elections. Priority is always given to people from the Majority world in selecting the board members.
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As a member, you will be involved in our conferences, workshops, mentorship programme, financial assistance for events, and publication mentorship- on top of being connected to an amazing community of researchers and activists across the world.